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We are an idea-generating consultancy, a creative product development & marketing company.

We are passionate about color and biased towards the urge for improvement in the shopping experience & decorating process.

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The color journey

Today's color journey is very difficult to follow! Some may’s a complete mess!
Studies show that the user is frustrated and confused.

We learn that consumers are overwhelmed with choices that eventually lead to decision fatigue. And once a decision is taken the majority of end users are disappointed with the final color on the wall as it differs from their expectations.

We help you build better color journeys by integrating new insights, technologies and platforms into traditional & new sales channels. With our concepts you create the color journey like never before, with a proven positive impact on the user experience. Because in the end you want to sell more colored paint. That’s the impact we want to make.


Industry knowledge, Tech expertise, A culture of innovation.
We bring them together to help our clients unlock value, thrive in the customer journey and drive aligned growth.

PARADOX strategies enable color leaders to act quickly and confidently as they pivot to the future. Known for our deep insight into the global paint market, our extensive partner network & ability to execute at speed, we bring new thinking and technology to the business, ensuring alignment with timely and relevant growth drivers.


We help gain insight into the market dynamics and assess our client’s position & customer journey by means of a clear but sometimes confronting analysis.

We assist in making color choices easy and creating an inspiring customer journey.
The key is to understand the user expectations and then not just meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

Together we define clear goals & an actionable path to achieve them. We work together with successful partners and combine forces on a case-by-case basis.


We bring strategy, innovation and color intelligence together with leading technologies from our ecosystem partners. These important factors help you reinvent your business as a future-proof enterprise- and implement scaled innovation, across your organisation.

Going on a digital journey?

It may come as no surprise that both the marketplace & customer journey have become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. More and more consumers are researching and buying products online. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online. Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online.

So how do you reach these consumers? Here’s the answer: digital marketing.

The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent every day. Through our partner companies we offer a number of smashing ‘off the shelf’ solutions, smart algorithms but also fully custom-built applications to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired goals.


We are continuously scanning the markets for innovations that help enhance the color journey.

Numerous disruptive influencers and interesting technologies are coming to market but have difficulty finding their way into our industry.

We bundle experience and brains from our extensive network industry leaders to build and execute an actionable path to a successful market entry leading to exceptional results.

Do you have an idea, concept or product that needs a reality-check, validation and/or road-to-market? We are here to help you discover the direction needed to reach your destination!

Vision without execution
is just a hallucination Henry Ford

At PARADOX we put our money where our mouth is.
Over the last years we have been executing on a number of our own conceptual ideas
that lead to some smashing products and applications.

App design & Wire-framing

YOUR Color app



Nix Color Sensor Ltd.

Point of Purchase solutions

Brands we have worked with

Ever since PARADOX concepts was founded, we have been doing things our own way.
It is the maverick in us that drives that. We defeat habit by originality. We are proud of it.

We seek to constantly optimise the color journey of our clients and their customers through our (digital) color concepts & ideas.

color: we live it and breath it, and are passionate about innovation.
The combination of the two make us a real game changer in the industry. Therefore, in order to create new opportunities, we see established rules as challenges in breaking them with fresh ideas.

Listening to the wishes of our clients and their markets,  we assist in the planning of digital color marketing. From strategy definition to implementation. Everything we do, is done with mad passion.

We want to be the best expertise partner in the color industry. We do this by offering added value: we share our knowledge, always look for the question behind the question and focus on the optimised color journey for the long term. Ultimately, we want to make color easy to experience.

We know our responsibilities. We work with our partners & assist our customers so that they can better serve their customers. Easy color experience...that’s our ultimate goal.
PARADOX concepts: we color concepts.


It is our passion to connect innovative concepts,
organisations and people. We want to make things happen.
Does this sound good to you? Let’s meet up!

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